What INAC - International Network of Actors - wants to achieve is the creation of a multicultural network in the world of theatre. It is concerned with basic and further drama education as well as drama research within the structure of a theatre academy.

In the theatreacademy methods of education, which are recognized internationally, are joined together to form a new approach that takes into account the changes that have occurred in the profession worldwide. The courses offered at INAC are:

Foundation Course

Full Time Acting Course (3 years Certification equivalent to BA)

The Foundation course is aimed at anyone who wants to become an actor and is curious about the profession. The course offers training in acting, movement and voice to beginners as well as those who have already gained some experience in theatre. In the Full Time Acting Course teaching methods of international acclaim are applied putting the actor back into the centre of the performance, which in recent time has been more and more dominated by text work and set design rather than acting skills. brecht meets meyerhold is a regular workshop that is advertised internationally. Actors of different cultural backgrounds exchange views explore a combination of European as well as non- European acting techniques.

The company unites actors of different nationalities who are otherwise active in their home countries to work together in the context of a project-oriented work setting. The work on these projects creates a platform for intercultural drama research in which actors can communicate their different backgrounds. Once a project is completed actors and participants return to their own countries but remain connected so that the network can operate continuously. Due to their internationality these projects can work in all the different genres of theatre with every creative step being documented. This documentation then forms the basis of our theatre research.

The aim of this network is to create a balanced view of different cultures, preventing cultural isolation. Instead of assimilating them, elements of different cultural backgrounds are explored following the idea that truly grasping another culture can help understand one=s own.