Full time acting course

to prepare dramastudents for the challenges they are faced with in the performing arts today

to encourage dramastudents to influence the future of theatre as an artform

INAC - theatreacademy - makes use of internationally recognized teaching methods. Our philosophy is to create a training in which the study of voice and movement are equally as significant as the study of acting.

Those components form an integrated training based on the techniques of Brecht, Meyerhold, Stanislavskij, Wachtangow, Johnston, Rodenburg, Newham and Linklater.

Using methods that meet an international standard in drama education helps creating an actor who is rich in charisma and expression. In our training schedule Meyerhold’s Biomechanics, acting principles as devised by Dario Fo, latin american movement techniques, improvisation and mask work are combined with learning a wide range of vocal expression based on profound knowledge of the vocal instrument. The actor will be able to apply these techniques to realistic theatre as well as other genres.

Since the function of theatre is changing worldwide we aim to train actors who are prepared to meet this challenge. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment with possibilities that lie beyond working in an already established system so that a sense of independence will enable them to work and perform on an international platform.


acting/style: realism, “playful verse”, improvisation, commedia de’ll arte,
grand style
10 hours per week

acting/movement: biomechanics, acrobatics, martial artes, dance, mime,
Alexander Technique, stunts
6 hours per week

acting/voice: voice & speech, voice & movement, non-realistic
vocal expression
6 hours per week

Three Year Course:

basic level
advanced level
specialized level
1st year
2nd year
3rd year